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M202 double barrel frozen custard machine with IntelliTecTMControl. Patented freezing chamber minimizes the size of ice crystals for a smoother finished product. Dellrin™, food-grade plastic blades provide quiet operation and superior durability. Refrigerated, top-mounted hopper pans hold mix at a safe temperature for an extended period of time. Hold cycle keeps barrels at a safe holding temperature during off-cycle periods. Less moveable parts for faster assembly and disassembly. Model M202 has two 6-gallon mix storage hoppers.


M202 Operating Manual (Air and Water-Cooled Serial nos 25245 and Up)

M202 Operating Manual (Air-Cooled Serial nos 0 - 25244)

M202 Operating Manual (Water-Cooled Serial nos 0 - 25244)

M202B Brochure

M202B Owners Manual

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